Welcome to Academy Conferences

The Academy runs study days in all major cities for senior students. Students are offered access to a range of additional opportunities that will complement and extend or deepen their learning in school. These intensive one day programs of short lectures give students the opportunity to experience very high quality learning with expert lecturers.

Academy offers the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK and has an established track record for stretching and exciting students.


These study days are offered in an environment that celebrates excellence. These study days inspire the gifted to launch themselves into new frameworks of thinking at a level matched to their ability. Academy Conferences offers a rare opportunity to enthuse and motivate the top 5%.


Schools have a responsibility to recognise the special education needs of the academically gifted with most offering excellent programs. Academy study days are designed to complement and enrich school gifted programs and to offer a provision which takes students well beyond traditional school subject matter. The experience of schools is that these study days challenge and engage the brightest minds and give a renewed sense of impetus to students for their own learning.

Outcomes for students attending our conferences have included:

academy Mind stretching thoughts they have never before encountered
academy A philosophical perspective
academy Key skills for clarity of thinking
academy Recognition of “woolly thinking”
academy Improve their thinking skills
academy Distinguish between fundamental vs. trivial
academy Become intellectually creative
academy Identify assumptions
academy Distinguish between good and poor arguments
academy Think systematically and rigorously about relevant modern day issues

Gifted & Talented Study Day

Senior Students: Years 10, 11 and 12

This study day is designed to offer a unique provision for schools with academically gifted and talented students. Planning for the most able students is far from easy. Without adequate provision such students can readily become disenchanted with the education system, underperform or even switch off completely. Stretching and challenging the most able students in a classroom situation risks 'losing' the rest of the class and extension activities, where they are offered, are often mundane and are perceived as a way of making such students (and teachers) do 'more' work. Whilst a greater volume of output from such students is measurable and quantifiable it is vital that the students are stretched intellectually and also that the extension activity has contributed to their own personal development.

An approach is needed which is both rigorous and relevant to such students. The challenge of working with the most able is to help them to sort out the clutter of their minds and in the process to help them to prioritise, to think clearly and independently. Albert Einstein claimed that 'common sense' is nothing more than the accumulation of prejudices we have acquired by the age of 18.

This study day will demand that the students who attend begin the process of identifying and challenging their preconceived ideas with the aim of encouraging and empowering them to think independently and creatively.


Bookings for a conference are usually made by a teacher or other representative from a school, and students attend conference with their school group accompanied by a supervising teacher. The school is invoiced for the number of students and staff attending – with one free staff place provided for every twelve (12) students. Extra staff, and staff places if less that twelve accompanying students are charged at the student rate. Unaccompanied staff attending for PD are charged at the PD rate of $195 per day for Australian and New Zealand conferences, and £195 for UK conferences. [If schools require payment from students or parents for attendance, these payments are made to the school]

Please note that we cannot accept bookings for unaccompanied students, and all students attending are required have a supervising teacher, or parent, with them. This is a workplace health and safety issue, as we do not have the necessary staff to provide supervision of students at the conference, or during meal breaks. [If a school is not attending, and a student from that school wishes to attend independently, they can do so, but they must be accompanied by a supervising adult who is charged at the student rate, and who makes the booking]

To book, click on the red “Book Now” tab in the top right-hand corner – this generates an invoice automatically, which is sent to the school / staff person who booked. Payment can then very simply be made by the school either online, or by direct bank transfer.
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