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Interview with ABC Brisbane

What does the creeping influence of the porn industry in our culture say about the state of our civilisation? What values are we implicitly supporting under the banner of tolerance? Julie Arliss discusses these ideas as well as the release of the 50 Shades of Grey film in Australia on ABC Radio Brisbane.

A Mind Stretched By An Idea Will Never Be The Same Again...

Academy Conferences runs the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK, providing an inspirational and thought-provoking atmosphere for academically gifted pupils.

Thinkers Guide to Big Ideas

Planning for the most able students is far from easy; without adequate provision such students can underperform and become disenchanted with the education system altogether, but tailoring lessons for them risks 'losing' the rest of the class. Academy Conferences provides intensive one day programs of short lectures which will identify and challenge students' preconceived ideas and encourage and empower them in the process of thinking independently and creatively about the world around them. These study days are designed to complement and enrich school gifted programs as well as extending and deepening gifted students' understanding of traditional school subject matter.

Inspiring Transformational Curriculums

Academy Conferences has an established track record for enthusing and motivating the most able students, and offers a rare opportunity for students to be introduced to and engage with new ideas presented by internationally renowned lecturers. These study days are demanding, and students who attend will be introduced to mind stretching thoughts that they have never before encountered. However, whilst rigorous, the topics covered are relevant and encourage clarity of thought, a philosophical perspective and the ability to become intellectually creative.

Albert Einstein claimed that 'common sense' is nothing more than the accumulation of prejudices we have acquired by the age of eighteen. A study day with Academy Conferences will launch gifted students into an environment that celebrates excellence, amongst other like-minded learners, and inspire them to question these prejudices, think systematically about modern day issues and improve their overall thinking skills.

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Academy Conferences
2016-06-06 09:04:09

Join Lord Sutherland and...

Join Lord Sutherland and Headteachers to Influence Education Policy

Academy Conferences
2015-12-07 20:56:55

Academy Conferences headteacher's masterclass...

Academy Conferences headteacher's masterclass 'Leading from the Front'. Headteachers were treated to a day with a number of the world's top thinkers. 'Congratulations on a tour de force yesterday - it really was an outstanding session'

"Professor Scruton spoke about the purpose of education."

Academy Conferences
2015-12-03 12:00:00

Headteachers Album...

Headteachers Album

Academy Conferences's photo.

Stir Student Imagination
Inspiring Transformational Curriculums
What attendees say...

“My thanks for an excellent day of perfectly pitched presentations. My students were enthused and their interest in ideas beyond the classroom truly ignited.”
Jo Forbes,
Sackville School, London