Online Courses

The first student course includes:

  • Unique recordings of the following talks: Oxbridge Interview Question, “Here’s a Cactus, Tell us about it.”; The Failure of Environmental Economics; Aristotle’s Big Idea; Social Physics; and the Debate ‘This house believes that ‘enthusiastic consent’ is not enough’ – maximum flexibility for students to study at their own pace.
  • Sets of notes, follow up reading and links to core documents as well as TED-Ed talks – expand and stimulate independent learning
  • Interactive multiple-choice quizzes on subjects which range from Deep Space, Mathematics and Art, to History Geography and Literature – inspire curiosity and polymathic thinking

The newly built Teacher Platform includes:

  • Birds-eye view of each students’ engagement and progress on the course – control student learning targets
  • No preparation or marking – cultivate the seeds of curiosity and excitement
  • Answers to all the quiz questions provided and marked online – implement student-centred learning
  • Access to slide show presentations – seize the benefits of flipped learning
  • Downloadable resources – provide inclusive learning
  • Student competitions – motivate high achievers
Courses are £25/$50 per person, which includes open access to the platform for two months. Students can work any time of day or night and teachers can conveniently check-in with student progress.