A Mind Stretched By An Idea Will Never Be The Same Again

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Academy Conferences runs the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK, providing an inspirational and thought-provoking atmosphere for academically gifted pupils.

Encouraging Deeper Thinking About Important Topics

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Planning for the most able students is far from easy; without adequate provision such students can underperform and become disenchanted with the education system altogether, but tailoring lessons for them risks ‘losing’ the rest of the class.

Inspiring Transformational Curriculums

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Academy Conferences has an established track record for enthusing and motivating the most able students, and offers a rare opportunity for students to be introduced to and engage with new ideas presented by internationally renowned lecturers.

Senior Gifted programme May 2020

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Leading From the Front

Philosophical Foundations for Flourishing.

Aristotle, the teacher of Alexander the Great, wrote possibly the world’s first self-help book for happiness. At the beginning of the Academy headteacher’s conference in London, Julie Arliss outlines the key philosophical ideas which underpin most well-being programmes. Aristotle’s insistence that happiness is not the same as pleasure, and that there are no short-cuts to happiness, are core concepts influencing the British government’s new assessment framework for well-being and flourishing in education. Resources and videos from the event may be purchased.

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The Academy Conferences Masterclass for senior students

In ‘Hiding behind the screen’ philosopher Roger Scruton examines the effects of modern technology on ourselves and the way we relate to others.

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Big Ideas For Curious Minds

The opportunity to sit and listen to such a wide-ranging set of big ideas is valuable, and unique. Read Past Topics.

Australasia 2020 Programme

This study day offers a unique provision for academically gifted students. The aim of this study day is to help gifted students to improve their thinking skills, begin to be able to identify what is fundamental from what is trivial.

'No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness’

Attributed to Aristotle by Seneca

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Planning for the most able students is far from easy

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Masterclass for Senior Students is NOW Online

Organisers of large-scale events in Australia and New Zealand had to take appropriate precautions following Government calls to stop all social gatherings due to the coronavirus outbreak. Although schools and colleges have now reopened it does look as if it will be some time yet before we can fully resume the level of interaction to enable face-to-face conferences to take place.

However, we are delighted to announce that the Academy Conferences Masterclass for Senior Students is now available online. Please click on ‘Online Courses’ above to find more information and please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email below if you have any further questions.