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A Mind Stretched By An Idea Will Never Be The Same Again

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Academy Conferences runs the largest series of national conferences in Australasia and the UK, providing an inspirational and thought-provoking atmosphere for academically gifted pupils.

Encouraging Deeper Thinking About Important Topics

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Planning for the most able students is far from easy; without adequate provision such students can underperform and become disenchanted with the education system altogether, but tailoring lessons for them risks ‘losing’ the rest of the class.

Inspiring Transformational Curriculums

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Academy Conferences has an established track record for enthusing and motivating the most able students, and offers a rare opportunity for students to be introduced to and engage with new ideas presented by internationally renowned lecturers.

Learning Lab

The Academy Learning Lab is the leading provider of exclusive online learning for more able and ambitious students. Wherever you are in the world the lab is a secure place, built by highly experienced teachers, to provide extension work for students. The Lab offers stability in an uncertain world – where thinking deeply and getting the right qualifications still really matters. Learning is seamless and uninterrupted by world events or school closure.

A number of elite universities, such as University of Oxford, Exeter and Aberdeen, have generously helped craft the material for maximum impact and high achievement. Learning Lab content is typically polymathic, drawing inspiration from University academics with more than one area of expertise. We help student understand the subtle threads which link up areas of knowledge.

Inside the Lab is a world-class multi-media platform for blended learning. Packed full of material which really extends and excites this cohort, the teachers keeps an oversight of student progress from the ‘cockpit’. Here the teacher can see how well a student is progressing and access resources, notes and the ‘answers’ to hundreds of multiple-choice questions, (ranging from Art to Mathematics, from Geography to Literature, from sport to music …and much more).

Students love a blended learning approach to their education and with the Learning Lab they can study wherever they are, whether on the mover or relaxing at home – whenever, wherever and however. Join the learning lab and give your students a truly individual, transferable student-centred learning experience.

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The Academy Conferences Masterclass for senior students

In ‘Hiding behind the screen’ philosopher Roger Scruton examines the effects of modern technology on ourselves and the way we relate to others.

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The opportunity to enjoy blended learning from your own home, with the option of teacher support if needed.

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Study at your own pace wherever and whenever you want in the interactive Learning Lab.

'No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness’

Attributed to Aristotle by Seneca

Academy Conferences

2 days 2 hours ago

Another great free article from Cambridge by Mary Warnock: 'Genetic Engineering and What Is Natural' "Some argue that genetic engineering and other scientific practices are See More

Academy Conferences

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Academy Conferences

Academy Conferences

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While the pandemic has utterly disrupted our education system the move to online learning is proving a catalyst to more effective methods of educating students. See More

Academy Conferences

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Philosophy Religion and Ethics Learning Lab - Exam boards: OCR AQA Eduqas Edexcel - Students learn faster online; e-learning requires 40%-60% less time to learn See More

Academy Conferences

Academy Conferences

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Academy Conferences

Academy Conferences

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The Oxford Academy Learning Lab - A level RS - OCR AQA Eduqas Edexcel for Years 12 & 13 'Simply the best online teaching available' See More

Academy Conferences

Academy Conferences

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**Save the day - Thursday 25th March** After our hugely successful first online Masterclass Webinar, we will be hosting another online event with a simply See More

Masterclass for Senior Students is NOW Online

We are delighted to announce that the Academy Conferences Masterclass for Senior Students is now available online. Please click on ‘Online Courses’ above to find more information and please don’t hesitate to get in touch by email below if you have any further questions.